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    Hot Search: gear oil、Hydraulic oil、High temperature grease、Synthetic oil、Metalworking oil

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  • Production and sales of all kinds of lubricating oil, antirust agent and other products

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    • Jinmen petrochemical, win the future
        The future market is unstoppable!

      Jinmen Petrochemical has nearly 400 specifications in 20 categories, including synthetic gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, electrical insulation oil, high temperature chain oil, antirust oil, instrument oil, bearing grease, damping grease, sealant, automobile lubricating grease, metalworking oil, silicon oil and military grease.



    Excellent raw materials, professional oil transfer engineer development and modulation, in strict accordance with the quality system
    Jinmen petrochemicalFour advantages

    ———————————————FOUR MAJOR ADVANTAGES———————————————

    Synthetic oil, industrial grease, metalworking oil and automobile oil
  • Create independent brand
  • The company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty and excellence";

    Relying on science and technology, seeking development through innovation;

    "Honesty wins the market, quality casts the brand", the unchangeable tenet.

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  • 15 years of experience in lubrication industry
  • The company vigorously promotes "menic" mennick with brand development;

    Set lubricating oil production, storage, transportation, sales, service in one;

    It is used in aerospace, automobile, machinery, mining and other fields.

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  • Good performance, stable use
  • PetroChina, Sinopec and imported base oils,

    And Lubrizol, Chevron, jafton, Vanderbilt,

    And other famous additives refined.。

  • Pre sale, in sale and after sale service system
  • Provide 7 * 24h full service;

    Provide professional technical guidance

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    Thank you for your long-term trust and support from our customers.
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    About us

    Dongguan Jinmen Petrochemical Co., Ltd
  • Dongguan Jinmen Petrochemical Co., Ltd. takes high-tech, high-quality, international and menic as its brand, wins the market with quality and strives for development strategy with brand, so as to solve the problems of high, low temperature and high speed , high vacuum, heavy load, long life and special medium, lubrication, cooling and sealing under special working conditions as the goal, taking the development of national industry as the responsibility, to help users solve various lubrication problems and provide lubrication solutions under various harsh conditions.
    Mennick lubricating oil products include internal combustion engine oil, industrial gear oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating grease, silicone oil, fluorine oil, metal processing oil, marine oil, aviation lubricating grease, special precision instrument grease, compressor oil, special sealing grease, military oil, based on hydrogenated oil, synthetic hydrocarbon, synthetic ester, polyether, silicone oil, fluorine oil and other synthetic oil, with advanced technology 。
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