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    Performance of air compressor oil and advantages of synthetic air compressor oil

    Pubdate:2019-12-31 10:57:11
    Performance of air compressor oil and advantages of synthetic air compressor oil
    1. Quality of base oil
    The base oil of compressor oil generally accounts for more than 95% of the product oil, so the quality of base oil is directly related to the quality level of compressor oil, and the quality of base oil is directly related to the refining depth. The heavy aromatics and gum content of the deep refined base oil are less, the carbon residue is low, the sensitivity of antioxidant is good, the tendency of carbon deposition in the compressor system is small, and the oil-water separation is good. Base oil has a great influence on the performance of rotary compressor oil, so high quality hydrogenated mineral oil or synthetic oil is generally used as base oil for screw air compressor oil.
    2. Oxidation stability
    In the process of recycling, oil products are in constant contact with the high temperature and high pressure oxygen in the compressed air, which is easy to be oxidized and metamorphosed to produce various acids, resins, asphaltenes and other substances, so that the color of oil products becomes darker, the acid value increases, the viscosity increases and deposits appear, so as to reduce the injection amount of oil, increase the temperature of oil products and machines, and generate excessive wear. Therefore, screw air compressor oil must have excellent oxidation stability to ensure long-term safe use of oil.
    3. Carbon deposition tendency
    The anti coking tendency of compressor oil is very important for the reliable operation of compressor oil. The main materials that are easy to form carbon residue in oil products are asphaltene, gum and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Most of the above substances can be removed after deep refining of lubricating oil. Generally, the carbon residue value of low viscosity and deep refined lubricating oil is low, so it is not easy to deposit carbon in use. The coking tendency performance of oil products is the comprehensive performance of various indexes, and there are many influencing factors, among which the additive should also be ash free.
    4. Oil water separation
    In operation, the compressor constantly meets with the condensed water in the air and is stirred violently, which is easy to produce emulsification, resulting in unclear oil-gas separation and increased oil consumption. As the oil is emulsified, the oil film is damaged, resulting in wear. Emulsified oil will disperse dust, grit and sludge, affect the function of valve, increase friction, wear and oxidation. Therefore, high quality compressor oil has good demulsibility and oil-water separation performance.
    5. Defoaming
    When the screw compressor oil is used in circulation, the circulation speed is fast, and the oil is in a state of intense mixing. When the compressor oil starts or depressurized, the oil in the oil pool is also bubbling easily. A large number of oil bubbles are poured into the oil and gas separator, which makes the resistance increase and fuel consumption increase, which will cause serious overloading, overheating and other abnormal phenomena. Therefore, the excellent rotary compressor oil must have excellent defoaming performance to ensure that the foam tendency of the oil product (i.e. foaming) is small and foam stability (i.e. defoaming) is good.
    6. Rust and corrosion resistance
    The oil cooling and other parts of the compressor are made of copper or copper metal, which is easy to be corroded and will cause early oxidation and deterioration of the oil products, resulting in oil sludge. This requires that oil products should have good corrosion resistance. The moisture in the air is easy to be cooled in the compressor operated intermittently, which is not good for lubrication and can produce corrosion. Therefore, it is required that the compressor oil should have a good anti rust effect
    Compared with ordinary air compressor oil, CPI's full synthetic air compressor oil can bring benefits to customers:
    The compressor parts shall be well protected to prevent wear, and the service life of the parts shall be greatly extended
    ? significantly reduce maintenance, parts costs and downtime losses, with lower operating costs
    The operating temperature range is wide, one kind of oil can be used in all-weather and different areas, and it can still work in severe conditions
    Longer oil change period, maintenance free
    Low oil consumption, fuel saving, energy saving and greatly reduced lubrication cost
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