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    Common problems and solutions of compressor oil

    Pubdate:2019-12-31 11:01:59
    Common problems and solutions of compressor oil

    Compressor oil is one of the commonly used oil products in the industry. Customers often have different problems in the use process. Long term practice and communication with customers are summarized in the following aspects.

    1. Is the flash point of lubricating oil related to the cause of explosion?

    Except for mechanical factors, if the explosion of compressor is caused by oil products, it is usually due to the serious carbon deposit of oil products, which blocks the discharge hole of compressor and causes the sharp increase of internal pressure.

    The research shows that the flash point of compressor oil has nothing to do with the cause of explosion, because in order to ignite the oil mist and oil gas, the temperature must reach the self ignition point more than 2-3 times of the flash point.

    2. How to prevent fire and explosion of compressor?

    To prevent the compressor from fire and explosion, the following points shall be paid attention to for the compressor with oil lubrication:

    ① Select the right compressor oil; ② clean the exhaust system regularly; ③ pay attention to the operation method; ④ strictly maintain and repair regularly; ⑤ use the right oil mist separation method; ⑥ use the aftercooler with excellent performance for air cooling, which is a simple and easy fire and explosion-proof method.

    3. How to determine the oil change period and oil change index of compressor oil?

    The oil change period of compressor oil varies with the construction form of compressor, compressor medium, operation conditions, lubricating oil mode, and the quality of lubricating oil. In the operation process, it is impractical to specify the time for oil change. The oil change time can only be determined according to the conditions at that time. In use, it is necessary to take samples regularly to observe the color and cleanliness of the oil, and regularly analyze the viscosity, acid value, n-contane and other substances of the oil, as well as the physical and chemical properties of the oil,

    In case of any of the following conditions, oil change shall be considered:

    1. The oil color appears green, or the color number is deepened by 4 levels

    2. Acid value over 0.5mgkok/g

    3. Viscosity change over 15%

    4. No more than 0.5% of n-heptane
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