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    高溫潤滑脂滿足的要求以及使用中存在的問題 High temperature grease to meet the requirements and problems in use

    Pubdate:2021-04-15 13:56:24
    Many bearings in mechanical equipment are in high temperature condition for a long time. Because the grease works in high temperature environment of 200 ℃ for a long time, the consistency of ordinary grease is easy to become smaller. Most of the grease flows out from the bearing gap, and the remaining grease volatilizes in the bearing. Due to the high temperature, the base oil volatilizes quickly, and the remaining residue leads to coking and carbon deposition. At the same time, the bearing wear is intensified, and the bearing is stuck when it is serious It affects the production.

    High temperature grease contains high concentration of PTFE lubricating particles. It has strong high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, and is suitable for high temperature and heavy load equipment. This fluorine high temperature grease is specially used for bearings in high temperature, high load, chemical corrosion environment and parts requiring lifelong lubrication. It has excellent chemical inertia, durability and low volatility.

    What requirements should high temperature grease meet?
    According to the characteristics of the working environment of the machinery, in order to make the bearing long-term lubrication under continuous high temperature, ensure the normal operation of the machinery, reduce the downtime, reduce the number of maintenance and maintenance costs, etc., what requirements should the high-temperature grease meet?
    1. High temperature resistance: it should meet the requirement that the grease will not be lost in long-term operation at least 200 ° C. At present, many greases publicize the high temperature by dropping point, claiming that the temperature resistance is 300 degrees. In fact, the dropping point is only the temperature that the grease will not drop oil, which does not represent the service temperature of the grease. For example, bentonite grease has no dropping point, but the actual use is generally not more than 200 degrees, which is more serious in actual use What we need is the high temperature stability, such as: the degree of grease volatilization, high temperature shear stability (that is, the degree of grease thinning when the bearing is running at high temperature), etc;
    2. Anti shear ability, grease in mechanical work, to be subject to shear. After long-term shearing, soap fibers will be separated or oriented and flow, resulting in the decrease of grease consistency. For ideal high temperature grease, the change of consistency after shearing should be small, so as to obtain longer service life;
    3. Water vapor environmental impact: resistant to water and water vapor, especially at high temperature, high temperature grease will not emulsify, dissolve, absorb water when meeting water, and its components will not hydrolyze;
    4. Oxidation resistance: good oxidation stability, grease in high temperature environment and air contact, will not be quickly oxidized into oxides, avoid coking and carbon deposition.
    But there will be some problems in the use, what is it?
    1. Serious carbon deposition. The high-temperature grease used by many users is known as "300 ℃ temperature resistance", even boasting higher. However, carbon deposition occurs in the corrugated roller bearing within a week, which makes the bearing more worn or directly locked. This kind of problem is the most serious, even worse than oil-free dry grinding.
    2. The grease is squeezed out. Such questions are the most common. The oil becomes thinner and flows out from the crevice? Sometimes it's because of the bearing sealing or too much oil? Some of them are due to the oil itself? The soap base is partially destroyed and the consistency becomes smaller, resulting in extrusion?
    3. The oil is running. The performance is that the thin oil flows out of the bearing and directly flows out, which is completely caused by the fact that the grease can not meet the high-temperature working conditions. Under high temperature, the soap base is directly destroyed and the oil soap is separated?
    4. The grease has a long service life, even after two months of use, it still has no change, but the bearing is seriously worn. Someone once used a white high-temperature grease, and always thought it was good. After one or two months of opening the bearing, there was still no obvious discoloration or carbon deposition, but every time the bearing was replaced, it was always damaged, and it was always thought that there was a problem with the machine design. Later, it was found that the grease was basically free after taking oil samples by professionals Lubrication, but something similar to putty.

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