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    Under what conditions are high temperature grease usually used?

    Pubdate:2021-04-15 11:33:40
    1: Special high temperature or low temperature conditions: the use temperature of mineral oil is generally between - 20 ℃ and 120 ℃. When the start-up and operation temperature of the equipment exceeds this range, only high temperature resistant grease can be competent, such as equipment in northern cold area, low temperature liquid transportation device, aerospace equipment, Ferro steel petrochemical and other high temperature operation equipment. Generally speaking, select appropriate high temperature resistant grease, high temperature resistant grease The use requirements above 200 ℃ are not a problem;
    2: Contact with special media: when mechanical equipment is in operation, if it will contact with some special media, high temperature resistant grease with good compatibility with media must be used, such as special gas compressor oil, refrigeration oil, special gas, liquid transmission pipeline, screw thread of container, sealing grease of valve, etc;
    3: Long life or long lubrication cycle is required: one of the important reasons for equipment lubrication failure is the oxidation deterioration of lubricating grease. High temperature resistant grease with high oxidation stability can greatly prolong the service life of grease, and even achieve full life lubrication.
    4: High temperature resistant grease is not omnipotent: there are many kinds of base oils for high temperature resistant grease, and different types of base oils have great differences in specific physical and chemical properties due to their different chemical structures. This difference not only endows them with specific excellent properties, but also inevitably has its specific disadvantages, such as ester oil and polyether oil, which have great influence on a variety of organic materials Because of its poor lubricity, silicone oil is not suitable for high load working conditions. The price of fluorine-containing oil is too high because of its expensive raw materials and complex process. Of course, for some special equipment and equipment with strict lubrication requirements, high temperature resistant grease is the only way to meet the use requirements. In a word, before using the high temperature resistant grease, the user should fully discuss with the oil supplier about the operating conditions and performance requirements, so as to correctly select the appropriate high temperature resistant grease products.
    It should be said that mineral oil based lubricating grease will always occupy a dominant position in the field of lubrication due to its abundant raw materials, low price and easy availability. However, with the progress of technology, especially in the lubrication of some industries and equipment with harsh conditions, high temperature resistant grease is being accepted by people with its unstoppable speed.
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