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    4439sf gasoline engine oil

  • SortsAutomotive lubricants
  • Introduction:

    Detailed introduction

    1. Good low temperature dispersion and high temperature oxidation resistance can effectively inhibit the formation of high and low temperature sludge.
    2. Excellent low-temperature starting performance, universal in all seasons.
    3. Reliable lubrication performance can effectively reduce the corrosion and wear between cylinder and piston, cam and tappet, shaft to shaft, and extend the engine life.
    technical specifications
    The product meets the following specifications
    1.API SJ/CF;2.GB11122-2006
    Application scope
    It is recommended to use carburetor minicars, light buses and light trucks such as Xiali, Aotuo, Changhe, Dafa, Songhuajiang, Wuling and Jilin.
    It is suitable for minicars and light trucks that require SF and below gasoline engine oil.

    Typical data

    project Analysis results
    test method
    5W/30 10W/40 15W/40 20W/50
    Kinematic viscosity(100℃)/mm2/s
    10.32 10.96 14.73 18.47 GB/T265
    858.5 864.8 875.5 884.9 SH/T1884
    Pour point/℃
    -38 -33 -30 -24 GB/T3535
    Flash point (open)/℃
    235 224 228 243 GB/T3536

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