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    4446ci-4 diesel engine oil

  • SortsAutomotive lubricants
  • Introduction:

    Detailed introduction
    Performance characteristics
    1. Excellent cleaning and dispersion performance and anti-wear performance, effectively keep the engine clean and prevent engine wear.
    2. Special clean formula can effectively reduce the high temperature deposit and keep the engine clean for a long time. It can provide effective protection for low temperature diesel engine including EGR, SCR and other advanced technologies.
    3. The viscosity index is excellent, which can meet the requirements of the engine in high and low temperature environment, maintain the oil film thickness under high temperature conditions, ensure the oil fluidity under low temperature environment, and effectively protect the engine.
    4. Balanced low temperature start-up and high-temperature lubrication performance, universal for all seasons.
    5. Excellent thermal oxidation stability, which can provide effective protection for the engine at high temperature.
    technical specifications
    The product meets the following specifications
    1.API  CF/CH-4/CI-4/SJ/SL
    2.ACEA E7-08
    4.CAT ECF-2 ECF-1A
    5.MTY TYPE2
    6.DEUTZ DQC III-05
    7.Q/SH303 0643-2014
    Scope of application
    It is suitable for domestic imported or joint venture Detroit brands, and it is required to apply ci-4 + / ci-4 / CH-4 / CF-4 / CF / CD engine oils.
    It is suitable for all kinds of high-grade diesel engines with high clean emission requirements at home and abroad, and the engines meeting the national 6 emission requirements.
    It is suitable for heavy-duty vehicles with bad working conditions, as well as urban heavy-duty bus and passenger vehicles.
    It is suitable for engines using various engine emission treatment systems except DPF.
    Certification and licensing
    Detroit dfs93k214 technology certification
    Typical data
    project Result analysis
    test method
    10W/40 15W/30 20W/40
    Kinematic viscosity(100℃)/mm2/s
    11.07 14.94 18.76 GB/T265
    869.7 869.7 879.7 SH/T1884
    Pour point/℃
    -39 -34 -29 GB/T3535
    Flash point (opening)/℃
    231 234 239 GB/T3536
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