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    4447cj-4 diesel engine oil

  • SortsAutomotive lubricants
  • Introduction:

    Detailed introduction

    Performance characteristics
    1. Unique environmental protection formula, outstanding clean and dispersive performance, effectively reduce the generation of high-temperature sediment, and keep the engine clean for a long time.
    2. Super wear resistance, can effectively reduce the wear, can keep the oil pressure stable, more powerful.
    3. Ultra long oil change cycle can effectively extend the engine life and provide extreme protection for the engine.
    4. Excellent low-temperature starting and high-temperature lubrication performance, suitable for all-weather use.
    technical specifications
    The product meets the following specifications
    1.Cummins CES20081
    2.Volvo VDS-4
    3.Mack EO-O pREMIUM Plus

    4.Renault RLD-3
    5.API CJ-4/SM
    Application scope
    It is suitable for low emission and heavy load diesel engines with advanced technologies such as EGR \ SCR, especially for engines equipped with DPF.
    It is suitable for various construction machinery such as mining industry, construction industry, agriculture and so on.
    Typical data

    project Analysis results
    test method
    5W/40 10W/40 15W/40 20W/50
    Kinematic viscosity(100℃)/mm2/s
    13.79 12.8 14.16 19.57 GB/T265
    849.7 874.0 867.9 876.1 SH/T1884
    Pour point/℃
    -41 -34 -34 -29 GB/T3535
    Flash point (open)/℃
    225 230 242 242 GB/T3536

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