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    4604 (DOT-3) synthetic brake fluid

  • SortsAutomotive lubricants
  • Introduction:
    4604 (DOT-3) synthetic brake fluid is a kind of synthetic brake fluid, which is made of polyethylene glycol ether and other raw materials with high efficiency additives.

    Detailed introduction
    4604 (DOT-3) synthetic brake fluid is a kind of synthetic brake fluid, which is made of polyethylene glycol ether and other raw materials with high efficiency additives.
    [performance features]
    Good high temperature resistance performance to prevent brake failure under high temperature loading;
    Good low-temperature flow performance to ensure sensitive and effective braking under low-temperature loading conditions;
    The excellent anti-oxidation performance confirms that the brake fluid does not deteriorate and the performance is long-term stable;
    The excellent rubber adaptability ensures the long-term effectiveness of the brake fluid rubber seal of the loading brake system;
    The excellent metal material protection performance ensures the long-term effectiveness of the metal parts of the brake fluid of the loading brake system;
    The excellent comprehensive performance ensures the long-term braking sensitivity and effectiveness under various conditions.
    [executive standard]
    This product conforms to gb12981-2003hzy3 and FMVSS No.116 dot3.

    [typical data]

    project Typical data
    appearance Transparent liquid without sediment and suspended matter
    Equilibrium reflux boiling point,℃ 222
    Wet equilibrium reflux boiling point,℃ 149
    Kinematic viscosity mm2/s
    100℃ 2.146
    -40℃ 1370
    PH value 8.9
    This product is specially designed for the hydraulic braking system and clutch system of various types of motor vehicles such as cars, buses, micro, medium and heavy vehicles, which can meet the use requirements of vehicles in hot areas, mountainous areas, cold areas, severe cold areas and other climatic conditions.
    This product should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated place, not in the open air;
    The product has certain hygroscopicity, and the outer and inner packaging of the product shall be kept intact to avoid the boiling point reduction and the corrosion of the brake pipeline and pump body caused by moisture inhalation;
    This product may dissolve and "bite paint" after contacting with automobile surface paint, and dissolve after contacting with automobile ABS and other plastic parts. Avoid contacting with paint film, ABS and other plastic parts when using;
    The mixing of this product and other brake fluid shall be careful, and the technical personnel of the manufacturer shall be consulted in case of uncertainty.
    1 l plastic bottle, 200 L iron barrel or customized according to customer's requirements.

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