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    4503 semi synthetic air compressor oil

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  • Introduction:
    4503 semi synthetic air compressor oil is based on special semi synthetic oil and refined with high quality and high efficiency additives.

    Detailed introduction
    This product is based on semi synthetic oil with special composition and refined with high quality and high efficiency additives.
    [performance features]
    The outstanding oxidation stability and low carbon deposition tendency have long service life; the excellent viscosity and low temperature performance can ensure the smooth start-up of the compressor at low temperature and good performance at high temperature
    Good lubrication; low evaporation loss and oil consumption.
    Good oil-water separation and antifoaming properties make the water condensed in oil in air can be separated quickly;
    Good anti-wear performance to prevent abnormal wear of rotor, cylinder, end cover and other parts.
    [executive standard]
    The product meets the following specifications: Q / sh303 102-2004; ISO DAC &amp; DAJ.
    [typical data]
    Typical data
    32 46 68
    Kinematic viscosity (40℃),mm 2 /s
    viscosity index
    121 110 105
    Pour point,℃
    Flash point (open),℃
    232 236 146
    Demulsibility(40-37-3), min
    5 5 7
    Liquid phase corrosion test
    No pounds
    No pounds
    No pounds
    copper corrosion(100°C x 3h),level

    Four ball test(75。。, 1200—)

    Wear spot diameter(392N, 60min), mm

    This product is applicable to the condition that the exhaust temperature is not more than 130 ℃, and the exhaust pressure is not more than 1500kpa
    Lubrication of various light and medium load rotary air compressors. The use temperature is - 20 ~ 120 ℃. This product is used to replace the common DAB150 mineral compressor oil on the domestic centrifugal compressor to solve the problem of the original oil
    Short service life and serious carbon deposit; oil change cycle can reach more than 4000 hours.
    [products with equivalent performance abroad]
    This product has the same performance as Mobil RARUS 400 series, Castle aircraft and shell corenas.
    Do not mix with other lubricants, which will reduce the performance of the product;
    Timely cover after use to avoid the mixing of moisture, dust and other impurities.
    20L plastic barrel, 200L iron barrel or packing as required by users.
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