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    4522 synthetic refrigeration oil

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  • Introduction:
    4522 synthetic refrigeration oil is based on refined synthetic oil and added with various additives. It is especially suitable for screw type hydrocarbon gas compression refrigeration system.

    Detailed introduction
    This product is based on refined synthetic oil and refined with various additives, especially suitable for screw type hydrocarbon gas compression refrigeration system.
    [performance features]
    It has high flash point, low freezing point and small foam characteristics.
    It has good thermal oxidation stability and prevents oil from high temperature deterioration;
    It has good corrosion resistance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
    Low ash and carbon residue, not easy to form carbon residue and gum; unique dissolution and separation with alkane
    Performance, meet the oil requirements of refrigeration system.
    [executive standard]
    The product meets the following specifications: Q / sh303176-2004.
    [typical data]
    Typical data
    Reddish brown transparent liquid
    40℃Kinematic viscosity,mm /s
    viscosity index
    Flash point (open),℃
    Pour point,℃
    Neutralization value,mgKOH/g
    This product is suitable for lubrication of large screw compressors with propane and other light hydrocarbons as refrigerants in oil and gas fields, petrochemical industry and natural gas processing. Applicable temperature range: - 35 ℃ ~ 150 ℃.
    [products with equivalent performance abroad]
    In the application of screw type hydrocarbon gas compression refrigeration system, its performance is equivalent to that of synthlic esl-22h, startec 2210 and other oil products.
    Do not mix with other oil products, clean the lubricating system before use to avoid pollution;
    Timely cover after use to avoid the mixing of moisture, dust and other impurities;
    When contacting with rubber, plastic, paint and other non-metallic materials, material compatibility test shall be carried out in advance.
    * 4L iron barrel, 20L plastic barrel, 200L iron barrel or packaging according to customer's requirements.

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