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    4516 high vacuum diffusion pump oil

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  • Introduction:
    4516 high vacuum diffusion pump oil is a high vacuum diffusion pump oil based on special toluene based silicone oil.

    Detailed introduction
    This series of products is based on special toluene based silicone oil high vacuum diffusion pump oil.
    [performance features]
    Very low saturated vapor pressure, very high limit vacuum;
    Excellent thermal stability, chemical stability and oxidation stability;
    The allowable residual pressure of the front pump is low;
    High extraction speed, no residue, long service life, non-toxic, biodegradable, green lubricant.
    [executive standard]
    This product meets the specification requirements of hg2-1492.
    [typical data]

    Water white
    Water white
    Kinematic viscosity(25℃)
    flash point

    220 250
    Pour point

    Applicable to high vacuum diffusion pump, such as cathode ray tube, capacitor coating system, ultra pure silicon production
    High vacuum systems such as optical coating and mass spectrometer;
    Limit vacuum: type A: 4 × 10-8, type B: 5 × 10-9.
    It is suitable for high vacuum systems such as fluorescent tubes, reactors, gluon accelerators and space simulation rooms.
    [products with equivalent performance abroad]
    The oil is equivalent to Dow Corning dc-704 (4516a), dc-705 (4516b), Shin Etsu hivac-4 (4516a) hivac-5 (4516b).
    Clean the whole compressor system before using this product;
    Before mixing this product with other oil products, consult the manufacturer. This product should be stored in a dry and cool place; after use, please close the barrel cover in time to avoid mixing water and impurities.
    * 4L iron barrel, 20 plastic barrel, 200L iron barrel or packaging according to customer's requirements.
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